The IGKMRP was initiated to provide an avenue for willing partners to work together in an effort to put back some of what had been lost in the decades following the drainage of the marsh.

A coalition of conservationists, with many different reasons for wanting the grandness to return to the Kankakee River Basin, have joined in an effort that has resulted in an impressive set of accomplishments in the first years of its existence. Individuals, corporations, conservation groups, and government agencies have banded together and taken the first steps in a long-term program to re-establish the local heritage of the Grand Kankakee Marsh. The early successes have only been surpassed by the aspirations of seeing portions of this once great wetland system a reality again. Working within a realistic focus, the project management team operates under a well defined set of criteria in the direction set by the partners.

The IGKMRP is working toward the goal by acquiring restorable wetlands with associated upland from willing sellers or through donations, and restoring the original, natural wetland and upland conditions to the extent practical. The ownership of these parcels is transferred to government agencies or nonprofit organizations. The IGKMRP is a volunteer organization. The Lake Heritage Parks Foundation monitors and manages the grant funds from the North American Wetlands Conservation Act. Each participating organization commits in kind matching contributions and manages its own expenses and commitments.